SuitePOS Release 2.3

March 23, 2017


2.3.1 Build 507C

  • Parent/child customer relationships now show correctly in the UI
  • Square app notifications after 90 secs have now been disabled. Not necessary
  • Fix minor bugs with editing and saving customers

2.3.1 Build 507B

  • Fixes an occasional bug when a refund to gift card is processed and the credit memo is left open in NetSuite
  • Fixes a bug when the customer is blank on an initial sale (when POS settings for the default customer is set to "Search/New/Edit"), sales tax is not calculated until a customer is selected
  • Fixes an occasional Square Payments bug where a transaction is posted to Square, but is not posted to NetSuite or Salesforce
  • Fixes a Return Authorization supervisor approval issue where something may get approved that should not be approved

    2.3.1 Build 507A (*d)

    • Under some circumstances, some promos are not eligible when they should be.
    • When receipts are printed and there is a price change, the original price does not have a strikethrough when enabled
    • Fixed validation issues for serialized and lot # items
    • Fixed some alignment and messaging issues - cosmetic

    2.3.1 Build 507 (*d)
    Fixed minor bugs

    2.3.1 Build 504 (*d)
    Initial release.

        (*d) Deprecated, (*dSF) Deprecated, Salesforce Only,  (*dNS) Deprecated, NetSuite Only

        WHATS NEW IN 2.3

        Note:  This release is compulsory. All prior builds (to 507) will be de-supported by May 14th 2017.  Apple has deprecated  and de-supported 32bit apps;  as a result, we have migrated our app to a 64bit architecture.  Per Apple, 32bit apps will no longer work on future versions of iOS.

        Support for iOS 10.x Only
        If you are on iOS 9 or earlier, this version of the app will not install.
          NetSuite Bundle Update Times
          The time to install our NetSuite Bundle has significantly improved.
            Serialization and Lots
            We now support both Serialized and Lot inventory items.  In NetSuite, if you sell a serialized or lot item, it asks you to scan (or enter) the number and makes sure that it is already in inventory.  In Salesforce, the serial/lot number is written regardless.  Returns are also supported. Note: Advanced Inventory Module Required
              Option to print item bar codes on receipts
              This is useful for rapid returns or where the original item does not have a label.
                Full support for iOS 10.x 64bit
                We now fully support Apple's 64 bit architecture.  This means things may get a bit snappier.
                  Scan for next sale
                  On the transaction complete screen you can simply scan the next item and a new sale is initiated (in addition to clicking the hidden gesture).
                    Bypass full sync
                    We now allow a bypass of a full sync when you re-register the device. This is useful for registered user password changes where you do not want to wait around for a full sync.
                      Check balance of a gift card
                      For those that have the Gift Card Module, we now make it easy to check the balance on a gift card.  Simply go to the search screen and select "Gift Card".
                        Authorization for Standalone Returns Only
                        We have added in an extra option so that clerks will require manager authorization for standalone returns only (versus both standalone and created from returns).
                          Deep link to NetSuite - Enable Persistence
                          When you select the menu option to go into NetSuite and show the dashboard/reports for a specific user - we now make the session persist. This means if you navigate away, you do not have to re-enter the NetSuite user name and password and let NetSuite manage the security.  A great time saver.
                            User Interface Refresh 
                            The UI font has been changed to the standard (and default) Apple San Francisco font. This is in line with modern design elements and gives our app a clean look and feel.  In addition, we have increased the size of many input fields to make it easier to use. 
                              Dynamic Currency Symbols
                              In preparation for future releases, we have introduced better support for non-US currency symbols.  The symbol that is displayed is now the standard symbol that is defined based off the regional settings of the Apple device.  For example, if the region is set to "United States" - a "$" symbol is used.

                                Item Parents for Item Promos
                                You can now go more than one level above when selecting item parents for Item Promotions. This is useful when you want to group items that are applied to specific promotions and do not want to select each individual item.

                                Various Bug Fixes and Improvements, some of which are:

                                • Fixed some so price-embedded barcode calculations
                                • Improvements to CardEase and Square payment processing
                                • Return to Gift Card now properly accounted for on the shift record
                                • Sales descriptions can now be scrolled through on add/modify item screen versus being truncated
                                SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:
                                • You must be on the bundle/package version specified for the release build.  
                                • It is strongly advised that you test this release with a sandbox account before running in production. SuiteRetail accepts no responsibility for lack of testing.

                                NETSUITE ONLY:

                                • When updating the bundle, scroll down to ‘Auth to Issue Refund list’ and select ‘Replace Data’ under the preference column.  This ensure the list options are replaced with the new list options.

                                • Add to the active item search (customsearch_spositemsearch) the fields "Is Serialized Item" and "Is Lot Numbered Item" (if available in NetSuite).  

                                Salesforce installation only:

                                Package URL:  

                                SuitePOS 2.3.1 

                       (SF Package 2.35)

                                • Add 'SPOS__Print_Serial_Lot_Barcode_On_Receipt__c' and 'SPOS__Print_Item_Barcode_On_Receipt__c' fields to the Settings Layout(s) and associated Profiles.  These are used to determine if additional barcodes are to be printed on receipts.

                                • Add in new pick list value 'Auth Required for Standalone Only'  to the Access object field 'SPOS__Authorized_to_Issue_Refunds'. Please use exact spelling.

                                • Add the 'SPOS__Sub_Type__c' field to the Product Layout(s) and associated Profiles.  This is used to identify if a inventory product is Serialized or a Lot.

                                  • Add the 'SPOS__Serial_Lot_Number__c' field to the Transaction Line Layout.  This is used to identify the Serial or Lot Number of the product on the Sale/Return.

                                    • The field 'Master Terminal" is no longer used on the Terminal record.

                                    • The field 'Sales Rep Field' is no longer used on the Settings records.  It was never used on the Account Record and therefore redundant.  Please remove.


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