SuitePOS Release 2.2

November 04, 2016


  • 2.2.2 Build 465A (Latest Version)
    • Fixed a BT Scanner bug (in the socket scanner SDK) that was sometimes causing the app to crash when processing a Square transaction resulting in a Square transaction posting - but not appearing in NetSuite/Salesforce. This applied to Square only and was confined to certain customers.
  • 2.2.2(*d) Build 465
    • Fixed various bugs associated with the new "Apply Discounts to Single Line Item" promotion feature; including some performance enhancements.
    • Better messaging when license server cannot be accessed.
    • Fixed various bugs associated with the new "Return to Gift Card" feature.
    • NS Bundle 2.0.6c - this has some improvements to adding and editing customer addresses
    • NS Bundle 2.0.6a - this a rare bug on returns where the transaction would fail to write
  • 2.2.2(*d) Build 461
    • Support for certain BT Keyboards for the iPad and iPhone.  The ones that we know work are the Apple BT Keyboards.
    • Fix a very rare bug where Sales Tax was rounding wrong (by a penny).  
    • Fixed various open/close register bugs to do with screen totaling.
    • Fixed a bug where inactive items were not removed from the POS during a differential sync (NetSuite Only)
    • Fixed a error where returns would go to the fail queue if the location was enabled for bins and the item returned was enabled for bins.
    • Fixed a bug with restrict by location/terminal on item records was not working correctly for Salesforce.
  • 2.2.1(*d) Build 456 
    • Initial Release.

    (*d) Deprecated, (*dSF) Deprecated, Salesforce Only,  (*dNS) Deprecated, NetSuite Only

    Whats new in 2.2!

    • Refund to Gift Cards.  
      • If you have the Gift Card Module you can now issue refunds to Gift Cards.  Merchants have the option of refunding customers as a credit to a gift card instead of cash/card.
    • Apply Discounts to a Single Line Item.  
      • If you have the Promotion Module, this allows you to set up a automatic promotion that allows a discount (% or $) to be applied to a single item (highest or lowest price) in a group of items based off a quantity break.  For example:  Buy 4 different items and get 50% off the most expensive. 
    • Open/Close Register.  
      • We have put back 50c and $1 coins.
    • Delivered Searches.  
      • We have given you some standard searches that provides some analytics and helps facilitating reconciliation and other issues.

    • Return to Different Store Locations using Square.
      • Support for item search by Vendor Name including display on receipts.

      • Various CardEase enhancements, such as reduction in device update time and issues with incorrect payment amounts for some customers.

      • Other stability improvements and bugs.
        Special instructions:
        • You must be on the bundle/package version specified for the release build.  
        • It is strongly advised that you test this release with a sandbox account before running in production. SuiteRetail accepts no responsibility for lack of testing.

        NetSuite installation only:

        • Add to saved search "customsearch_spositemsearch" the field "Vendor Name"

        Salesforce installation only:

        Package URL:  

        SuitePOS 2.2.2 . (SF Package 2.23)

        SuitePOS 2.2.1 . (SF Package 2.21)

        • Add the 'Apply Discount to Single Item' field to the Promotion Layout and associated Profiles.

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