Welcome to the SuitePOS (IOS) Production Version. This version is recommended for all environments. Please read the release notes carefully.

Installing this app in a production account, without adequate testing, could result in your system no longer being operational. Testing is your responsibility. Note: if the version is designated (BETA), use at your own risk.  

The App requires the NetSuite or Salesforce platform.

SuitePOS Version Date Platform

3.9.3 Build 830C (Beta)

iOS 13.x - Profile Expiration Date: 10/1/20
NetSuite 2019.2/Bundle 3.1.32
Salesforce Package 3.47

3.7.3B Build 767B

iOS 12.4.x - Profile Expiration Date: 10/1/20
NetSuite 2019.1/Bundle 3.1.22/25
Salesforce Package 3.41

3.5.2 Build 733 (*d)

OS 12.3.x - Profile Expiration Date: 10/1/20
NetSuite 2019.1/Bundle 3.1.18/19/20
Salesforce Package 3.33

3.1.2 Build 664a (*d)

iOS 11.3/4.x/12.0.x - Profile Expiration Date 10/1/20
NetSuite 2018.1/Bundle 2.5.54/55
Salesforce Package 2.68


*(d)       Fully Deprecated
*(d1)   Fully Deprecated - Except for Customers already on this Build  
*(dSF)  Deprecated Salesforce Only
*(dNS)  Deprecated NetSuite Only