The Amazon's of the world have and will kill the big box and/or single dimensional retailer. But, the smart retailers are thriving and will continue to thrive long into the future because they have become a destination with efficient operations and multiple revenue streams. It is a trend that is gaining momentum and the tiny store concept, with its agility, is driving that charge.

There are a few popular apps that appeal to retailers running on Salesforce. All of them can be integrated with SuitePOS and many other solutions by Salesforce and their AppExchange partners.

Here are a few popular SuiteApps that work well for retailers running on NetSuite. All of them are compatible with SuitePOS and many other NetSuite native apps.

"Total Retail" is to step beyond the thought of multiple channels and silos

Bitcoin is very real and is talked about everywhere.  Silicon Valley is lapping it up and major brands are starting to adopt.  So how did it all begin?