SuitePOS improves point-of-sale capabilities by using a single app to serve shoppers throughout the store. Together with modern payment processing and out-of-the-box integration to major business platforms, such as NetSuite or Salesforce, retailers can simplify in-store operations, improve the shopping experience and ultimately increase the revenue per square foot.


SuitePOS is a single POS app that works on Apple's iPad and iPhone. This same app can handle many different store environments including fixed-lane, mobile, clienteling and self-service.

Keeping things simple in-store means that employees become more efficient and shoppers are more satisfied.


Ideal for the mid-market retailer that wants to replace their "hairball" of software and unify all technology processes to one system of record.

NetSuite is a world-class ERP platform that handles CRM, marketing, inventory, finance and ecommerce. Using a simplified "No Database" approach, SuitePOS is fully integrated with NetSuite. This means you get the full power of NetSuite without having to embark on risky, often doomed, integration efforts.


Great for retailers that want simple and efficient shopping environments that are quick to deploy and easy to scale.

Salesforce is the leading CRM platform and can optionally power sales, service, marketing and ecommerce. Along with the Salesforce App Exchange and open API's, virtually any business function or integration initiative (to Inventory, WMS, and Finance) can be met.


SuitePOS does not save its data in a proprietary database. This not only means the data is secure by definition, it also means integration between the POS and the underlying platform is unnecessary. Unlike most other POS solutions, this design approach makes the system fast, scalable, flexible and reliable - important attributes for maximizing revenue, lowering costs and supporting the demands of modern shoppers that expect a higher level of service.


An efficient fixed-lane environment is one that has simple software, clean and modern hardware, and is built for speed, efficiency and ease of use.

SuitePOS fits the bill in all regards, keeping store managers, clerks and shoppers happy.


Mobile checkout is important for retailers. It allows employees to open up conversations with shoppers and quickly ring up sales.

SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to deliver a remarkable mobile experience for retailers, ultimately driving even more revenue.


Using an in-hand device, employees can provide enhanced personalization by having a 360-degree view of shoppers and product information.

This personalization can open up a world of opportunities for servicing your shoppers better. Shoppers can be registered for later marketing initiatives, conversed with intelligently, up-sold with relevant products and services, and orders can be placed even if products are out-of-stock.

With SuitePOS, the "endless aisle" becomes a reality, enabling you to retain the sale versus the shopper going elsewhere.


Self-service grab and go as well as placing orders, is becoming a reality.

SuitePOS, running in a different mode, offers up a shopper friendly user interface that can be used for self-checkout or for placing orders that require preparation.

Self-service environments are proven to lower labor costs and increase revenues and customer satisfaction. It is the future of in-store POS.


SuitePOS works when there is no internet connection. You can continue selling and be assured that transactions will be processed when back online.

This is better than other "online" POS solutions because such software does not pass the basic speed test.

SuitePOS, being a native Apple app, is fast, efficient, reliable and always on.


SuitePOS is fully integrated with Square, Stripe and PayPal. Did you know these companies can likely offer better rates than you are currently paying and have no hidden fees or contract lock-ins?

The bottom line is that these newer end-to-end payment services have already started establishing themselves in growing and larger retailers due to their agility and capacity for fast processing.


SuitePOS was designed from the ground up to cater to many types of retailers. With hundreds of centrally configurable settings residing on your business platform, you can set up almost any retail environment in minutes.

SuitePOS allows you to easily configure receipts, workflows, groups of terminals, gateways, customer/transactional custom fields, and much more.

Payment Methods

SuitePOS takes payments via EMV, Contactless (such as Apple or Android Pay), On-Account, Check, Financing and Cash.

World-Class Processors

SuitePOS integrates with Square Payments, PayPal Here and Stripe Terminal. Other options include FirstData, Chase, Global Payments and more.

Fast Training

SuitePOS conforms to all Apple design standards. An obsession with simplicity means SuitePOS is incredibly easy to use and intuitive.

Superb Security

SuitePOS delegates security to the world-class platforms it's built for. Need we say more?