SuitePOS Release 2015.2.3 Build 228

July 27, 2015

Special Instructions:

Note: It is strongly advised that you first test this release with a sandbox account before releasing it to your production environment.  SuiteRetail, accepts no responsibility for inadequate testing.

Prior Build(s)

Release notes for Build 204 must first be read and followed unless you have already installed Build 204.  

Build 204 Release Notes

New Features (NetSuite):

  • Support for the Star SM-230I (beta) - A mobile-lite printer thats great for mobile environments.  See Printer
  • Option to enable sales rep selection on POS transactions.  This is useful so that cashiers can track commissions to specific sales reps when items are sold to a customer.
  • Option to enable internal note capture on POS transactions.  This is useful to enter special notes pertaining to the transaction.
  • For customers that allow customer number override when a new customer is created; our POS now supports this on customer creation/edit. Typically, customer number override is used when integrating from an external system in to NetSuite.  Prior to this release, this configuration was not supported properly.

Improvements (NetSuite):

  • Exact match bar code scanning to prevent multiple matches for one code.
  • Permit retry of payments in case NetSuite has a locking issue.
  • On customer refunds, set name on card.
  • Disable auto-correct on add/edit customer.
  • Increase speed of customer sync when a large differential sync occurs.  
  • (*1) Display gift card number upon retrieval of a sale (if gift card used). 
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

(*1) - requires purchase of the Gift Card Module

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