“It’s great having a point of sale, payment processor and retail management software that all work together. Having a quick and streamlined system has been beneficial for business.”

Shaelyn Hanes, Office Manager, Creativity Explored

Creativity Explored operates studio and gallery spaces for artists with developmental disabilities. They sell original art and art products in San Francisco through rotating shows and annual events, an online through their website. The organization also partners with brands to license artworks and companies or individuals to commission pieces.

50% of the proceeds from each sale go to the artist

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Systems Replaced: Web-Based POS for NetSuite

Problem: Creativity Explored was using a clunky system that required lots of staff training and slowed down sales. Their old point of sale technology often had connectivity issues, which created problems for customers wanting to pay with a card or who needed to checkout quickly.

The SuitePOS Difference: Creativity Explored has an intuitive and much higher performing point of sale experience for both customers and staff. They can sell easily in-store and also on the go with mobile POS and seamless integration to NetSuite.

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