Dynamic Options

Dynamic Options is a feature that guides you through a configuration process for the purposes of "kitting". This makes the POS a lot easier (and more accurate) to use for products that lend themselves to modifiers.

Once the module is enabled, you select the main product that has Dynamic Options and then add in all the Dynamic Options used.  In turn, these options (which have been previously defined) determine which product (or groups of products) are including in a specific Dynamic Option.

At the POS, when the main item is selected, each Dynamic Option (and its constituent products) are displayed, in turn, for selection or scanning. 

For example:

A Hamburger that consists of two dynamic options; toppings and condiments.

A 3 Compartment Bento Box that consists of three dynamic options; Candy 1, Candy 2 and Gift Wrapping.

Additionally, Dynamic Options can be Mandatory or Optional and the price of the product(s) that are part of the Dynamic Option can either be 0.00, the actual product price or a special price override.