Top 5 Apps for Retailers on Salesforce

November 09, 2016

Salesforce is a strong Platform (and CRM Solution) that powers thousands of businesses that want to run their entire operations on one cloud solution.

There are a few popular apps that appeal to retailers running on Salesforce. All of them can be integrated with SuitePOS and many other solutions by Salesforce and their AppExchange partners.

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed, built on Salesforce, is a fully featured ERP solution. The solution facilitates inventory management, order management, accounting and operations capabilities that make up the back-end of an omni-channel retailer’s consumer facing channels. Accounting Seed with SuitePOS and a Salesforce integrated eCommerce site is a complete offering - a one system retail suite.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Once your data is in Salesforce, any retailer would be mad to ignore the power of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud provides the ability to efficiently up-sell through automated and personalized marketing campaigns. From a new customer welcome series, to post purchase surveys or abandoned cart campaigns, Marketing Cloud can utilize email, social, push notifications and SMS to deliver the right messages via the right channels.


The CloudCraze eCommerce platform is built on the Salesforce platform capturing purchases, service orders, processing credit cards and generally driving revenue. Furthermore, because it’s a native Salesforce application, it facilitates the omni-channel zenith which is a central theme in the retail space.

Cloudcraze B2B and B2C storefronts enjoy the reliability and scalability of Salesforce and extend the power of Salesforce into the eCommerce environment. CloudCraze boasts a comprehensive merchandising, pricing, promotions, and catalog content management that complements most retailers initiatives.


For the many retailers already using a Magento eCommerce platform and Salesforce for CRM, CloudGento provides an automated two-way sync of Magento customer, order, product & shipping information. This gives you a 360-degree customer view within Salesforce and also streamlines back-office processes like customer service and support, RMA management, and executive reports/dashboards.


Avalara’s AvaTax takes the hard work out of sales tax. It handles complex sale tax rules (value dependent sales tax; sales tax holidays; items that are taxable to one state but another) and can automatically submit your monthly sales tax returns. AvaTax is available to those within the Salesforce ecosystem and once installed and configured, takes over sales and use tax calculations ensuring automated sales tax compliance.

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