The Future of the Retail Suite : The Future of SuiteRetail

November 11, 2013

"Blending Retail Apps with ERP" is our motto.

We are in the business of enabling ERP solutions, such as NetSuite,  become fully fledged retail suites. 

Competition from Amazon and large retailers, such as Walmart, has grown to dangerous levels.  This means smaller retailers must adapt or die.  There is no other way of putting it. 

The bad news is that the Amazon-like companies operate very efficiently; effectively increasing service levels and lowering prices due to supply chain efficiencies.   The good news, is that these companies are slow to change and you can pass them. 

You need the desire.

Small and mid-sized retailers are starting to look at retail suites, versus a hodge-podge of systems they are likely to run now.  Retail suites solve many issues:  

  • Multiple retail channels such as ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile can now be connected to one common (and consistent) ERP back-end.
  • Only have one system of record for transactions, fulfillment, shipping, inventory and accounting.
  • Provides personalized showroom service together with line-busting efficiency, special accommodations and convenience
  • Provide anytime; anywhere pick-up or delivery; essentially your store becomes another warehouse

Retail suite excellence is easier said than done.  

First, it requires external sale channel components (ecommerce, point-of-sale & mobile) to be embedded into a core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that takes care of everything else.  Secondly, retail requirements can be complex, so the functionality of the core ERP system must be inherited in to the sales channel component - thats the hard part.  

Most attempts at a retail suites fail because integration versus "inherited" architecture is used.  This means:

  • All systems are handcuffed by the functionality of each system. The weakest link.
  • Transaction processing and syncs are error prone and can fail.  Disinformation.
  • Too many systems of record.  Confusing.

SuiteRetail has cracked the code.

Our goal is to provide fully functional retail suites that are usable.   We take the unique approach of "inherited" technology into the host ERP:

  • Our solutions are not integrations. Native only.  
  • Our solutions are flexible. They inherit the functionality of the host ERP.
  • Our solutions are fault tolerant. No synchronization.
  • Our solutions enable the ERP to be the only system of record.

SuiteRetail has a very clear roadmap.

  • To invest further in the SuitePOS for NetSuite solution by developing mobile editions. 
  • To develop other SuitePOS solutions for other ERP's.
  • To develop other solutions for ecommerce and field sales.

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