SuiteRetail views partnerships as "joint ventures" that have clear benefits for all involved. 

NetSuite and Salesforce Partners

We work closely with top software publishers, consultants, solution providers and system integrators that address the retail space. The chances are, our customers could be your customers and your customers could be ours. Its a great non-conflict arrangement that can add value to all.

Payment Solutions

Providers such as Square and Creditcall ensure that SuiteRetail customers are on the leading edge of secure, high performing payment processing. We are always open to partnering with traditional and non-traditional providers where we can mutually market to potential customers.

ERP Software Publishers

SuiteRetail maintains partnerships with Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce, the two leading cloud business platforms in the world. If you feel your cloud ERP solution can take the retail market by storm - and you feel our solution is what your customers need. We are all ears!

POS Hardware Manufacturers

SuiteRetail is all about simplicity, design and esthetics. We believe thats what retailers want. As such were are always interested in partnering with hardware manufacturers that have products that wow. 

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